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Adhesive Tape, Sealing Tape Manufacturer

If you are sourcing adhesive tapes, NEWERA is surely your best partner in China. We are a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly sticky tapes. Our line covers 14 categories, 100 finished and 30 semi-finished products of BOPP packing tape, double sided tape, duct tape, masking tape, kraft paper tape, electrical tape, foam tape, EVA tape, floor tape, carpet tape, aluminum foil tape, copper foil tape, caution tape (PVC, PET), fiberglass tape, printed tape, etc. They are either used as pack sealing tape in parcel packaging, or as special tape, such as plastic adhesive tape and waterproof tape in electronics, automotive, medical, paper, ceramics, construction and other industries. With more than decades of experience in adhesive products industry, we can produce parcel tapes and industrial tapes in various types and specifications. Personalized printing design and OEM service are both available. Welcome to contact us for more information. More

Main products
    1. Masking Tape

      The masking tape, more often referred to as the painter’s tape, is mainly used in decorating and painting. It is excellent in adhesion and retention, while not easy ...

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    1. Double Sided Tape

      Our double sided tape is characterized by fast penetration and strong adhesion. The tape is soft, and when pasted, it is not easy to fall off. This ...

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    1. Duct Tape

      Our duct tape is a cloth-backed, high viscosity adhesive tape coated with polyethylene film. In addition to high viscosity, it is also prominent with strong ...

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    1. Acrylic Foam Tape

      Our PE foam tape is a PE-backed tape coated with high performance oil-based acrylic adhesive. It is prominent with strong adhesion and excellent ...

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    1. Stretch Film

      Our PE stretch film is highly stretchable and retractable. In addition to excellent tear resistance and transparency, it also has superb anti-penetration ...

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    1. Aluminum Foil Tape

      Our aluminum foil tape adopts high quality pressure sensitive adhesive, so it is excellent in adhesion and electrical conductivity. It is also characterized with ...

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    1. Copper Foil Tape

      The copper foil tape can be used either as a conductive foil tape or as an EMI shielding tape. It is excellent in adhesion, thermal conductivity, and fire ...

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    1. Car Reflective Tape

      Our reflective warning tape has a reinforced reflective layer, effectively improving the visibility of objects on which the tape is pasted. Being highly sticky ...

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    1. Caution Tape

      The PVC series is made of high quality plasticized PVC printing film coated with high performance rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is soft and hard-wearing ...

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